Sleeping Pills

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Oh yeah, it’s coming!

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I’m a nutcase

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I’m a serious nutjob. Really. For a person to be able to describe inspiration as a bullet through my brain that can cause ecstasy, to be able to come up with ideas for Arts Week and waiting for a green light (and occasionally get my bubbles busted as it isn’t okay or the timing wasn’t right, but then again to put myself out in such a vulnerable position, hmm, my heart functions stronger than my head :\ thus making my emotions more dangerous) I’m going to seriously stress myself out over things that seem trivial but means all the world to me before I leave IB.

Passion, it’s just something that drives you to do crazy things.

Movie review: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

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Albeit it is literally a last year thing, I have only got to watch it today, and decided I should give my opinions about it. While Zack Snyder did do a good job for the movie 300, I must say this wasn’t as much as I hoped for it to be.

Some might know that I do not fully agree with movie critics about everything, such as how I love Sucker Punch but they didn’t. This one did end up being a parallel to their opinions.

I must definitely give credit to the 3D graphics here – the owls look stunning and real, the scenery is beautiful, the fight scenes are intense (plus you get the trademark slow downs in for added effect) and the fighting piles in one on top of another that keeps you at the edge of your seat. It is pretty dark so I don’t recommend it for young children (and for this I must say I’m impressed, I thought the only people who would break the stereotype of animation = kids stuff was Disney and Hunchback of Notre Dame.) <Spoiler>Family unfriendly death to the enemy owl :/ (but your mileage may vary)</spoiler>

However, the movie’s plot seems more fun to be read rather than experienced. It’s like trying to have a ketchup and vanilla flavoured milk shake. 21st century style graphics and conversation, mixing in a storyline completely esoteric and unreal, like a classic saga, isn’t my cup of tea– well, milkshake. Firstly, you get an ascended fanboy of some legend about the owls saving the day, and then there’s sibling rivalry, and then a five man band to go off to meet the actual heroes and tell them what they should do, and then war is declared, and then the same ascended fanboy actually saves the day, a classic coming of age story, and done. It isn’t something easily relatable in the 21st century – it is like a legend with the protagonist having impossible amount of luck (but don’t this always happen with protagonists?) think back to the classics like Treasure Island by Robert L. Stevenson, and then it was HE who defeated the enemy when he isn’t fully trained to be a guardian yet – sounds like a Gary Stu-ish character to me. I could also live without the comedic duo Digger and Twilight – I usually like comic relief, but this didn’t do well for me, this is because of the whole array of INCREDIBLY LAME PUNS *facepalms*. Plus, I don’t know about you guys, I didn’t manage to catch on that the Pure Ones were the evil guys until the moon-blinked scene.

What’s good though, is that it placed the protagonists as owls instead of humans, if it were human protagonists I would’ve hated it. (Well derh, it’s the book’s canon.) It should be able to make us know that it’s just a legend being told through spectacular effects and such rather than think that it could be something possible in real life. (Any HL Maths students would be able to try and calculate the probability of a legend coming true and you becoming part of it, and I can tell you that the fraction is really small, not the exact numbers.) This could also probably be a really good lesson to some aspiring directors: to try – even though it’s in an alternate universe than this one – to make stories down to “Earth” as possible to make it easier for the audience to relate. And try to hold back on the intensity of the plot until the buildup (the buildup happened too soon here: the owls were kidnapped by the Pure Ones, which seemed too far fetched if you ask me.) For stories like these, I still somehow wished we took oral tradition seriously, it makes a good story to be told with large hand gestures and such.

Things left to do in IB

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  1. Physics IA 1
  2. Physics IA 2
  3. Physics IA 3
  4. Physics IA 4
  5. Physics IA FULL
  6. Group 4 Project
  7. Economics IA 1
  8. Economics IA 2
  9. Economics IA 3
  10. Economics IA 4
  11. Econs portfolio FULL
  12. Art piece 15, 16, 17, 18,
  13. Art IWB
  14. Extended Essay (final draft)
  15. English IOP
  16. World Literature
  17. English IOC
  18. Interactive Oral 1
  19. Interactive Oral 2
  20. Interactive Oral 3
  21. Individual Oral 1
  22. Individual Oral 2
  23. Individual Oral 3
  24. Maths Studies Project
  25. TOK presentations
  26. TOK essay
  27. Mocks
  28. IB EXAMS
Halfway there finally!

This song is definitely for the IB student

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Those metalheads and Guitar Hero 3 players may be familiar with this tune, but I want to point out how this song feels like it’s written for THE IB student of the 21st century. If you can look at the lyrics not only is it a fantastical song about perseverance and fighting (like a soldier), it’s a fantastic song about perserverance and fighting (like a student)!

As an IB student, I also think that it is my duty to comment and annotate such wonderful lyrics to help the layman better understand this song, in terms of IB. (And no, sometimes we are not exaggerating about the workload that seems like logs that are going to crush us)

DragonForce – Through Fire and Flames

On a cold winter morning in a time before the light
In flames of death’s eternal reign we ride towards the fight
When the darkness has fallen down and the times are tough alright
The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight

(basically, this verse gives us an idea of the life of an IB student pulling an all-nighter, just to be able to get through an IA, EE, WL, etc. The evil laughter is a symbolic depiction of a metaphorical IB monster in which our seniors have created out of with the IAs and EEs and WLs)

Fighting hard fighting on for the steel through the wastelands evermore
The scattered souls will feel the hell bodies wasted on the shores
On the blackest plains in hell’s domain we watch them as they go
In fire and pain now once again we know

(We still do remember those students who couldn’t stand the stress of IB and ended up dropping out by the first year. Symbolic of “wastelands” and dead bodies in terms of a fantasy soldier. In the name of these dropped out students, we still fight!)

So now we fly ever free, we’re free before the thunderstorm
On towards the wilderness our quest carries on
Far beyond the sundown, far beyond the moonlight
Deep inside our hearts and all our souls

(So yes, students will feel like they’re free after tackling down an IA, but there’s still wilderness ahead of them and thus the “quest” of defeating IB still carries on, and it is not bound by time, sun down and moonlight,  for there are still students pulling out all-nighters.)

So far away we wait for the day
For the light source so wasted and gone
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days
Through the fire and the flames we carry on

(IB students do wait for their May or November exams to be over really soon. But what they really don’t know is the fact they’ve wasted an entire lifetime within a thousand days ((2 years = 730 days, rounded up in thousands = 1000 days)) And the fact that it is stated that we can cram two years worth of work into two months…it’s almost like cramming two decades into two years. By the time IB is over we’ll be having a mid life crisis, which is sad. But we still carry on living anyway)

As the red day is dawning and the lightning cracks the sky
They’ll raise their hands to the heavens above with resentment to their eyes
Running back through the mid morning light there’s a burning in my heart
We’re banished from a time in a fallen land to a life beyond the stars

(IB stress does make you want to raise your hands in fists and curse the passing day of us procrastinating on work. In a way, doing IB also makes us special from A-level-ers and the rest, just because…((wow, what a way to argue, just say “just because…”)) so it is like a fallen land to a life beyond the stars)

In your darkest dreams see to believe our destiny this time
And endlessly we’ll all be free tonight

(Again, this is referring to the fight for freedom after the exams.)

And on the wings of a dream so far beyond reality
All alone in desperation now the time has come
Lost inside you’ll never find, lost within my own mind
Day after day this misery must go on

(Ahh yes, the dreams of freedom, which in fact is quite far considering for the fact that us G12s have an alphabet soup to stir in this entire month. It feels like death, honestly, until it’s over.)


Wha-o-o! Whao-o-oh! Whao-o-oh! Wha-o-o! Whao-o-oh! Whao-o-oh! (THIS! IS! OUR! BATTLE-CRY!)

Now here we stand with their blood on our hands
We fought so hard now can we understand
I’ll break the seal of this curse if I possibly can
For freedom of every man

(This probably takes place after IB ends. By that time we should understand how IB has changed us and stuff like that and maybe form a better tactic for survival…if we ever face it again. So if we can find a way to speed the G11’s stress, we definitely will tell it to them so they will feel more free!!!)


I know that the actual meaning of the song has got to do with fantasy fighting on a dragon and such, and to relate it to real life it is to chase after your dream no matter the squalls 😛 BUT HEY! This is how I roll when under pressure 😀

Thanks for reading!

“I feel like the biggest idiot alive!”

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And other times where you think the world is crashing down on you during a big heat of panic and you end up doing stupid things that makes you want to throw yourself over the balcony.

Being a heart over head person isn’t easy, especially when you’re the type that would succumb to following whatever your heart thinks is best to do during the heat of the moment before you can slow down and THINK carefully what is the sensible thing to do, and what are the actual worst outcomes if a plan didn’t follow through. If this sounds like you and you’re doing IB, welcome to my life.

Mental videos of my slip-ups can come haunting me in the weirdest times, oh goodness I don’t want to start listing off when and where, it’s gross, to say the least. But anyway, one medicine to redeem yourself over any stupid mistake is *drumroll* …

to laugh it off.

Laughter is the best medicine, and also whenever those mental videos come crawling in your head, after a while you’d think, “Hey I remember that was something funny I did when I was a bit daft (who am I kidding, I AM daft) hahahahahaha” Along with that you can just go ahead and admit that stupid mistake happened and there is no such thing in the world as a time machine (yet) to turn back every time you make a slip up. (If time machines did exist, I bet you a dollar that you’re going to wear the machine out for everything that you make) Nobody’s perfect, not me, not you, not everybody. But there’s one thing in the human mechanism that we all can do – to learn from experience. Embarrassment is, thankfully, just a fleeting moment. Its up to you if you want to constantly replay the mental videos of those slip ups over and over again (unless you have a wild train of thought like I do. Welcome to my life! :D) and hide under your bed all day over one silly little mistake, which somehow or rather during the heat of it all it becomes the world, but when the flames turn to ember, you realize it’s just nothing but another moment in time that everybody has experienced at least once (unless they’ve been living under a well)